10 reasons to choose DreamApply for your student application management system

10 reasons to choose DreamApply

It is an interesting time to work in the international higher education sector. With ever-increasing competition, new tools and technologies are developed almost daily to help universities raise their visibility and increase applicant conversion.  

DreamApply is a tool that is being continuously developed based on feedback from top universities worldwide to solve issues they face in selecting and enrolling the best candidates. In 8 years, we have developed a comprehensive system for managing education institution applications to deliver the best results. Here are 10 reasons why more than 200 educational institutions in 25 countries use our system. 

  1. Provide students a more convenient way to fill in applications – paper applications simply don’t cut it in the modern world, and, increasingly, neither does e-mail. Applicants expect sleek, easy-to-understand digital environments that are intuitive, simple, and fast to use. A lot of possible applicants choose another institution because they don’t bother to apply on paper and send post mail. 
  2. Save 40% of administrative time on the application process. No mail, papers, or uncomfortable in-house developed systems which require more manual work to be done using desktop applications because applicant lists need to be exported to Excel. In DreamApply everything happens in same simple and easy to use system while still allowing for the possibility to export all data. 
  3. Increase your student numbers – on average, universities which use DreamApply have increased their international student application numbers by 73%.  Yes, we calculated it. 
  4. Access DreamApply anywhere in the world – at home or on the go. The majority of students nowadays expect to be able to apply via their mobile devices. It also gives flexibility for administrative workers who have the possibility to access the system anywhere, anytime. DreamApply has you covered – the system is fully flexible and designed with mobile devices in mind. 
  5. Gain a quick insight into all aspects of your recruitment funnel. All data is processed by the system and delivered to you in a simple format for quick overview. DreamApply features more than 25 pre-configured reports that cover all aspects of the application process from general funnel to invoicing status. 
  6. Customise the system by yourself without any involvement by DreamApply support. If you change your brand, it is easy to change how your DreamApply system looks. 
  7. Enhance DreamApply further through a variety of addons to make your application process more efficient. Want to get rid of the hassle of organising Skype interviews? Use our pre-recorded video interview tool, where you can create scenarios and give applicant a possibility to reply at the moment they are most confident and creative. Want to save time and not manually check every uploaded identification document? Use our intelligence tool to automatically scan passport copies and flag the ones that seem suspicious or have information mismatches. 
  8. Tie your admissions and marketing funnels together with our marketing tools. Connect your marketing campaigns with DreamApply and all campaign result data comes to the platform. Collect leads from campaigns, events, or any other marketing activity. Next time someone asks you, “how many students this campaign brought in?”, you’ll have an answer. 
  9. Manage and keep track of agents. With our agent management tools, you’ll know precisely how many students every agent brought in and keep track of how the cooperation is working out.  
  10. Set the system up quickly and easily. It will generally take two weeks to configure a system to your specifications, during which time you’ll be supported by our competent configuration managers who professionally assist you with their expertise. 

Want to rebuild your university admissions as well? Contact us and we will work out the best solution for your institution together.

See some samples of our work in our Case Studies section.

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