DreamApply Addons

Built as a modular system, DreamApply can be further tailored with an assortment of addons. 
Each additional component is customisable to fit university specific branding and specifically designed  with cutting-edge technology to improve the efficiency of processes and increase conversion rates.


DreamApply has several marketing tools that are designed to reduce the workload for university staff as well as to bring new insight and measurement into marketing activities.

The following functionality is included in the Marketing tools:

  • Trackers
  • Agent management
  • Kiosks
  • Importing leads
  • Entry points
  • Data channels

DreamApply Trackers

DreamApply includes a deeply-detailed, tracker system. Essentially, a tracker is a special code that can be entered by students, agents, or university staff or be applied automatically to applicants who meet specific criteria. For example, it is possible to run a campaign utilizing a tracker where every student who applies and enters the specific, campaign code, will receive a pre-defined discount. Trackers also can be added when specific rules are met – for example, when applicants enter the DreamApply platform from specific website or channel, the tracker is attributed to them. This system is the foundation on which rest of the marketing tools are built.

Dreamapply Agent Management tools

On registration, every agent receives a specific, identification code that can be used to track activities of the agent. Agent can work in two ways:

  • by entering applicant’s data themselves and applying agent’s tracker code to entered application or
  • by having applicant enter their own data themselves, using tracker code provided by the agent.

With this system, it is possible to always keep track of the agents and their activities. All log-ins can also be audited to ensure security of the system. By accessing tracker reports, it is possible to see how many times and by who the specific tracker was used, simplifying measuring the efficiency of the agent. Additionally, when logging to the system, the agent can also see the status of their students.

It is also possible to configure what information agents see about their applicants. If necessary,  agents can be allowed full access to student data including documents, references, and other private data. Conversely, access can be limited to only basic data (name, photo, region, courses/programmes the applicant has applied to and application status). For more complex situations, there is also incognito access, where agent can just see applicant ID and courses/programmes that they have applied to along with application statuses.

It is possible to segment agents into groups (online agents, offline agents, specific representation agreements etc) and possible to add new agent groups. Different access can be assigned to specific agents.


Kiosks work as an offline prospectus for education fairs and other marketing events where the university is using tablet devices to collect leads. The tool downloads programme information from university’s DreamApply platform and makes it easier to read in tablet format. Instead of handing out brochures it is possible for potential applicants to browse programmes directly on the tablet and enter their contact information. After the event, it is possible to upload data directly to the platform which automatically creates an account for the students and sends them the welcoming e-mail, after which it is possible to work with the students to convert them. A tracker is added to all leads collected, making it possible to measure efficiency of marketing and conversion activities.

Importing leads

If the university is not using tablets but prefers to collect leads some other way, it is possible to import leads directly to DreamApply via Excel or .csv files. All imported leads will receive welcoming e-mail and tracker is added to them, making future measurement possible.

Entry points

It is possible to define online entry points and apply tracker to all applicants who arrive through specified webpage. When the university is running campaigns that employ landing pages, it is possible to define the respective landing page as the entry point and all visitors who arrive and create applicant, will have specific tracker added to their application, again making it possible to measure efficiency of the campaign.

Information channels

It is possible to define information sources when students reply to question ‘When/How did you hear about our university?’. By defining specific information sources (such as website, agent, fair etc) it makes it possible to conduct simple longitudinal data analysis, for example, analysing change in information channels over the years or comparing used information channels between all applied students and only students with specific statuses etc.


DreamApply includes a robust, finance add-on that makes it possible to easily collect and track payments from students to the university.

Finance add-on can be divided in two main functionalities:

  • Invoicing – Automatically generate and send out invoices
  • Payment Gateways – Collect payments via payment gateways

Invoicing includes a straightforward system where invoices are instantly created, based on data entered in the system for the corresponding input (i.e. student name, tuition fees, due date, etc.), and issued to the respective student(s). Once payment is received, the invoice can be marked as ‘collected’ within the system. It is possible to create specific, administrator credentials which only have access to the invoicing system, enabling the individual to issue and mark payments as collected. Invoicing statuses are colour-coded, allowing for a simplified way to distinguish between each, visually. Additionally, a specific report is included where it is possible to keep track of unpaid invoices.

Payment Gateways include automated interfaces schools can use to collect payments from students. Integrations are provided with 5 major providers:

PayPal (https://www.paypal.com/ee/home)
Mollie (https://www.mollie.com/en/)
Authorize.net (https://www.authorize.net/)
Flywire (https://www.flywire.com/)
SimplePay (https://www.simplepay.hu/)

By using Payment Gateways, money moves between applicant and university through the selected provider while data is stored on the university’s DreamApply system. As invoices are marked as “collected” automatically, using gateways further reduces workload and stress of admissions and financial staff.


The goal of Letterheads is to move one step beyond usual communication with the applicant and further reduce the workload.

  • Quick and easy communication with applicants
  • Customise your communications
  • Send official letters out automatically

Letterheads enables universities to create custom-designed, PDF documents with personalised header/footer for acceptance/offer letters, visa invitations, study contracts and other materials. The documents are automatically populated with applicant data (using content markers) and can be generated and attached to outgoing communication with just one click. In special cases, it is also possible to further customise each generated document for specific applicants.

It is possible to use huge amount of pre-defined content markers to specify which data will be automatically carried over to the generated document – some examples include: student contact details, programme and intake info, dates and financial information such as tuition fees. Different letterheads can be defined for each step of application, so one letterhead can be designed for conditionally accepted status (for example, with financial information and bank details where applicant must transfer application/tuition fee) and another for official offer once payment has been received. It is also possible to download generated documents to attach them to any other communication that happens between the applicant and the university.


DreamApply employs the latest developments in machine learning to ensure that the application forms and attached documents are accurate and consistent.

  • Never go through applications and documents manually again
  • Automatically check for mismatches between application and id-documents
  • Automatically check for expiration dates of id-documents

DreamApply employs the latest developments in machine learning to ensure that the application forms and attached documents are accurate and consistent. Reviewing inordinate amount of information in a short time, the Intelligence tool eliminates work hours and human error from application review. When any discrepancies are found, the system can alert you through either an email notification or an in-system alert. The errors are grouped by individual and instance which enables the university staff to follow up manually or through an automated task.

Video interviews

DreamApply has reduced the time and scheduling conflicts associated with conducting interviews with potential students. Allow the student to record their answers to customizable, pre-written questions which attach to their applications, allowing for viewing at convenience and review with a larger team

  • Prepare custom scenarios for video interviews
  • Send invitations to applicants
  • Applicants can go through interview at their convenience

With up to 10 minutes of recordable time per applicant, the Video Interview add-on is a dynamic tool to allow candidates to add more context and personality to their applications. Universities maintain complete control of the process as they can determine the amount of questions, which programs the questions are assigned, and the content of the inquiries. The process then flows seamlessly as, once the student has submitted their recorded answers, it instantly attaches to their application and is available for viewing within the system. The video can then be downloaded by the university or remain on the server and reviewed as needed.


The Ranking tool provides a way for universities to manage their applicants on a per-programme basis.

  • Categorise students based on custom scoring criteria to ensure best fit candidates are prioritised
  • Organise the incoming students based on university values and mission

The Ranking tool provides a way for universities to manage their applicants on a per-programme basis. Utilising a ranking view of applications, there are tools included for quota management, graphical and tabular reports across all programmes, and exporting functionality. With ranking add-on, processing large volumes of applications is simplified as the functionality include the ability to issue bulk offers as well as doing bulk changes in application statuses. The tool can be combined with the Scoring tool to automatically rank students based on assigned scores.


The Scoring tool allows universities to assign scores for various aspects of prospective student’s applications.

  • Make custom scoring criteria to reflect university values and mission
  • Every criterion is scored separately
  • Only essential staff can access the scores

The Scoring tool allows universities to assign scores for various aspects of prospective student’s applications such as their English skills or whether their documents and previous level of education meets set criteria. By creating and customising the scoring systems, universities can refine their process for acceptance ensuring they get the students of best fit.  Access can be restricted to staff members responsible for evaluating candidates to ensure the evaluation process isn’t compromised.


SimCheck helps admissions officers confidently assess application essays and make them able to identify outliers.

Check application essays for plagiarism with one click in minutes

Inclusion of SimCheck makes it possible to check application essays on DreamApply platform for plagiarism with simple one click. No more need for googling specific sentences or copy-pasting phrases from motivation letters to different provider websites – everything you need to do to ensure quality of your applicants can be done comfortably and quickly in DreamApply.


The Engagement tool allows you to automatically keep your DreamApply applicants synchronised with your marketing audiences in Mailchimp or Mailerlite.

  • Applicants can be exported in bulk and under different categories by using the filters under Applications Tool and under Marketing Tool.

. You can also use the services to send beautifully crafted bulk email campaigns and monitor campaign statistics. Please contact us for more information regarding how this works.

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