Letterheads Add-On

Communicate with applicants in a more efficient way.

Generate documents with content markers

With just one click, you can generate all the necessary documents with the applicant’s data. In special cases, you can further customise each generated document for specific applicants.

You can use a huge amount of pre-defined content markers to specify which data is automatically carried over to the generated document, such as student contact details, programme and intake info, dates and financial information.

Every step of the process with a different letterhead

Different letterheads can be defined for each step of the application process, so one letterhead can be designed for conditional offers and another for official offers once payment has been received.

You can also download generated documents to attach to any other communication between the applicant and your university.

If you want to attach these documents to any other communication between the applicant and your university, you can easily download them from the DreamApply platform.

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