Scoring & Ranking Add-Ons

Assign scores for various aspects of prospective student applications.

Scoring: Find the best fit students

By creating and customising the scoring systems, you and your team can refine your acceptance procedure, ensuring you can find the best candidates.

With DreamApply’s Scoring Add-On, you can also :

  • make custom scoring criteria to reflect your university’s values and mission
  • make sure every criterion is scored separately
  • restrict access to preferred staff responsible for evaluating candidates to ensure the evaluation process isn’t compromised.

Ranking: Large volumes of data made easier to manage

Processing large volumes of applications is now much easier.

Thanks to the Ranking Add-on, universities can issue bulk offers as well as doing bulk changes in application statuses.

They can also rank the applications using the quota management feature with graphical and tabular reports across all programmes.

The Scoring Add-On can be combined with the Ranking Add-On to automatically rank students based on assigned scores.

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