Admission is Our Passion

We cover everything in Admissions

1. Interest & lead collection

2. First contact

3. Online Application

4. Fee collection

5. Offer & Conversion

6. Enrollment

Admission management

DreamApply is especially designed for the purpose of organising student admission. The aim of DreamApply is to support admission from the moment a potential applicant becomes interested in the institution until the student starts his/her studies in the institution.

  • save 60% of administrative time on admission process
  • receive detailed information and statistics about admission processes
  • make your applicants happy with smooth communication flow

If you would like to see the demo system, please proceed here.

Smart Application

The image shows DreamApply Student Admission Platform from an applicant’s perspective. When creating a new application this is how a profile looks like.

The application form is fully responsive and works perfectly on mobile and tablet devices.

All fields in the application are customizable – you can remove irrelevant ones and add new ones, if required.

Ready to see a presentation?

Convenient reporting

DreamApply Reports feature all data in your platform in the form of raw data as well as tables, charts and graphs. The standard solution comes with 33 reports, but it is possible to get custom reports. All reports are exportable into CSV files for Excel as well as pictures.

Application management

There are 5 main tools to use with the applicants or applicant groups that you would like to work with. On the right we have a printscreen of “Browse” menu that automatically puts the applicants into folders according to their status.

In addition you have a new tool to utilize when managing applicants – flags. Using flags it is possible not only to group applicants by customizable criteria but also filter them when required.

Table view

This is the admission officer’s view of applicants in table form. It acts like an Excel table but a lot simpler. You are able to sort applications in one click as well as select criteria to filter displayed applications.

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About Us

DreamApply was launched in 2011 and is a specialised international student recruitment management platform.

DreamApply is purposefully personalised for all stakeholders involved in higher education internationalisation: students, administrative staff, management, academics, partners, agents and external governmental and non-governmental bodies.

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