Budapest Metropolitan University 

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Budapest Metropolitan University is one of DreamApply’s oldest clients, becoming DreamApply’s first Central European partner back in 2014. Budapest Metropolitan University has become one of the most international universities in Hungary in the past 5 years.  

How were things done before DreamApply

We used to work with Excel files and a lot of papers. To make a comparison, adopting DreamApply has been like coming from the middle ages to the 21st century. 

Results from DreamApply

It is important for us that feedback from applicants is positive and they are very happy with a modern, up-to-date application system.

In addition to students’ satisfaction, it is important that the training of new colleagues to adopt the system is easy as the system is user friendly – new staff members are able to handle the system in just a couple of days.

From applications’ management perspective, we can track all our applicants’ journeys, starting from understanding where they are coming from (e.g. agents or other marketing channels), to being able to quickly reject an applicant who has been trying to apply for years without fulfilling the entry qualifications (via their track record).

Furthermore, an important factor is having a variety of reports available to quickly overview our admissions data to make data-driven decisions for future growth.  

Configuration and support

DreamApply Client Happiness Team has always been quick with responses. On average, if there are any questions, we get answers in a couple of hours.  

Growth numbers

Over the first two implementation years, Budapest Metropolitan University has tripled the number of successful enrollments.

Growth in applications

Growth in enrollements

Modul University Vienna

See it live: https://applynow.modul.ac.at/ Modul University Vienna is a continuously growing English-speaking university


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