COVID-19 Response

We have been closely monitoring how our clients have been able to cope with their admissions work during the SARS-Cov2 outbreak. We are getting reports that DreamApply users can keep on working in home offices and continue to be productive. 
Secondly, we are seeing that the admissions numbers do not seem to be affected, even in hard-hit regions – which provides some good news. We are preparing to share some statistics and case studies from various countries which will be available soon. 
To offer our support for education institutions, that may be struggling with their current admissions system, we are launching a lightweight and rapidly deployable online admissions & remote work system with FREE usage this spring and summer. 
The solution is particularly focused on helping you solve the challenges related to “admissions at home” – collecting data reliably, keeping everything organised and sharing applications with each other as well as the academic staff. It does include all data protection and privacy guards. 
The lightweight solution will not include the majority of advanced features and productivity tools built into DreamApply, as those usually require several weeks to set up and on-board. This also allows us to keep the offer free for the limited time and get you to the position to start collecting applications within days. However, we are ready & happy to listen to your specific needs and work out a different solution. 
We have spent a lot of time perfecting online admissions. In order to take a look if we can help you, contact us via [email protected] or by filling out the form below.  
This offer is open to all education institutions across the world. 

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