Digital Tools for #AdmissionsAtHome

In DreamApply, we highly value digital solutions that allow us to work from wherever we feel more comfortable and productive. So, it is not really rare that our office can sometimes be completely empty. These days we are experiencing the emptiness of our offices caused by external reasons. Although we wish for the current situation to solve as soon as possible, we need to adopt smart ways of working and deliver our strategies. We know we can all achieve our goals even if our daily routine has temporarily changed.

We believe that it is possible to carry out all your activities even while working remotely and 100% online by using digital solutions available.

We have gathered a list of our favourite tools that we believe can help you with your admissions in the current situation.

  • Interviews – Video interviews are widely used by universities to verify a student’s language skills and their academic competency. While Skype is the most common tool for real-time interviews, alternatives, like Zoom, also offer recording option on the top of real-time video chat. DreamApply also has its own dedicated tool that allows you to create several, customisable scenarios which students can pre-record themselves answering and submit through the system.
  • Virtual Fairs – If you can’t travel to a fair, why not to organise it online? vFairs offers a comprehensive toolbox to ensure your virtual fair delivers the impact you desire. It is possible to use different sorts of web content to customise your booth and engage with your prospect students.
  • Document VerificationDigitary is an online platform for certifying, sharing, and verifying academic credentials. You can use Digitary to enable instant verification of records, eliminating manual verification. If you are already a DreamApply user, it is possible integrate Digitary with DreamApply. Read more about Digitary integration here.
  • Generating Official DocumentsLetterheads is a dedicated DreamApply tool to set up and generate official documents online directly within DreamApply. Since the document is automatically personalised, it saves time minimises work in creating documents (like acceptance letters), and sending them out to candidates.
  • Plagiarism CheckSimCheck, one of Turnitin’s offerings, is an online program that prevents copy and paste plagiarism and collusion by identifying matches to sources in Turnitin’s comprehensive internet database and a shared repository of previously submitted admissions essays, and providing straightforward, easy to understand reports. SimCheck is also available within DreamApply. Urkund is another easy to use, efficient and reliable plagiarism checker that lets you check uploaded documents for text similarities against their millions of sources. You can get started immediately and get personal support whenever needed.
  • Online Payment – We think nobody can imagine a world without different online payment options anymore. The most popular one, probably is PayPal. But some providers, such as Flywire, SimplePay, TransferMate or Mollie offer customised solutions to education institutes, and make easier for applicants to pay for their invoice. All these payment gateways are also well-integrated with DreamApply.

In such times, we need to be cautious and take care of our well-being but at the same time be able to get things done as usual.

We are determined to deliver higher education professionals the best admissions solutions possible. We believe that nowadays it is even more important to give them the opportunity to work on recruitment and admissions also when they are not physically in their offices.

We are very proud that DreamApply provides a digital system that all higher education professionals and applicants can manage applications remotely, online and 24/7 from wherever they feel comfortable, and protect their health and their loved ones’. 

Let us know how you are doing and share pictures of your working space & best practices with the hashtag #AdmissionsAtHome on social media.

Last but not least, we are launching a free, lightweight and rapidly deployable online admission & remote work system to support all education institutions across the world during such times. Read our full response to Covid-19 here.

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