DreamApply joins forces with Digitary

Digitary, the leading online platform for certifying, sharing, and verifying academic credentials, and DreamApply, Europe’s leading student application management system, are joining forces to offer a more extensive solution for document verification/validitation in admission process to Higher Education Institutes, worldwide. 

In over 125 countries, some of the world’s most respected HEIs use Digitary to enable instant verification of records, eliminating manual verification. Digitary also empowers millions of learners, providing access to their validated achievements and credentials, 24/7, providing a conduit for secure, quick, and easy sharing. 

“The collaboration with DreamApply provides an opportunity for Digitary to better serve applicants by allowing them to effectively utilise their digital credentials, while improving trust and security in the complex task of verifying applications for an international admission officer.  DreamApply joins Digitary’s global network of trusted partners through which certification and evaluation of credentials can be streamlined and become a painless step in the whole application experience. 

We see a great fit with DreamApply’s solution to turn a current challenge into a future opportunity – both for students and universities.” says Andy Dowling, Digitary CEO. 

DreamApply has been delivering specialised, SaaS solutions for HEIs for almost 10 years. Its success is attributable to a close cooperation with partner institutions in designing systems which boost efficiency in the admission process and increases application numbers. DreamApply is serving more than 250 education institutions in 25 countries, worldwide. 

“The main goal of our cooperation with Digitary is to create a more integrated application environment for a more flawless process which makes universities staff and students’ lives easier. Thanks to the integration with Digitary, our clients do not have to wait months, weeks, or even days for verification of application documents” says Sten Rinne, DreamApply CEO. 

Applicants will be able to send HEIs their verified documents online instantly through the integration between Digitary and DreamApply. The immediacy of the process will boost the institution’s efficiency with the overall application process (and document compliance) as well as offering applicants a more accommodating admissions experience.


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