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Please find below some feedback from universities that have tested the tool. We are sincerely humbled and very thankful for the kind words from all of you!




I think it is great to have this tool. In fact, the most time-consuming work is the revision of the learning agreement, which has to be done sometimes even several times for one single person. If both, student and coordinator, have digital access, it lightens and speeds up my work a lot.

Just go on. I am waiting HARD for exactly this tool!!!


Megan from the UK




Two thumbs up for the Erasmus Learning Agreement tool!

I am also familiar with Dream Apply platform, since some of the Universities that I work with in Erasmus mobility projects use it, and I absolutely love it.

Keep up the good work.


Anatoli from Serbia




Just to let you know that I did not have any idea about this app and I think that it is very helpful. I will use it for sure!


Maria from Spain




I just finished checking the LA, it is fantastic!


Svetozar from Jordan




I am very excited about this tool!


Hans from The Netherlands




We have checked the LA tool and at first glance it seems more sophisticated, easy to fill out and all the main features are in understandable way for the students and for us also.

I really like the “Field of Education” chart, as it shows all the possible fields with required codes in one place. Also, the student information column is much more convenient for filling in with the needed information just clicking once and having all possible variations in one place.

One more thing which is I think is the most important one, is the simplified way to fill in with the courses. Before, it was quite difficult to work in the word document to add a new row for additional subject. The updated one is indeed the best solution.

All in all, the new LA looks good 🙂


Abel from Georgia




I found the new Erasmus Learning Agreement tool well thought-out and very clearly structured. I would like to thank the development team for providing such tools.


Derek from Germany




I very much like how easy the new tool is to use. Also, how the new tool is organising the work of creating and sharing the learning agreements between the student and sending and receiving university. I am sure it will make the work a lot easier to exchange coordinators. I definitely recommend to give the tool a try.


Anna from Estonia




I would like to congratulate you and your team for creating this tool! It is very useful, saves time and protects the environment.


Gabor from Greece




I tested the tool from the point of view of students and I liked it. It is friendly, useful and easy to fill.


Oana from Czech Republic




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