New features in

You can now also add scanned signatures.

This feature was requested by several institutions that evaluated the tool. The scanned signature may also contain a stamp, which is also a necessity for some users. We also plan to soon add a possibility to remember your last signature, so you can easily reuse it.

We made it possible to add multiple signatures from each institution

In several institutions there was a need to add multiple signatures to the agreement. Now you can conveniently share the agreement with other colleagues and allow them to sign the document as well. In some cases the IRC is not even the person to sign the agreements – this use case is now covered as well.

You can securely share the agreement with the responsible person and he/she can sign it just the same as you.

Saving your time, 5 minutes at a time - copy data from Table A to Table B with just 1 click!

When filling the “Before” part, you can now copy all rows from Table A to Table B with just one click. Another change to help you save some time! If you have more ideas like this, please let us know!

We improved experience on smaller mobile devices (iPhone, Android)

We saw that up to 12% of visits were coming from mobile devices. The tool was already working great on tablets like iPad – now it is more convenient to fill the agreement even on a device with a smaller screen

Google account is no longer required for notification recipients.

We understand that Google login is not for everyone and we are working hard to introduce a more traditional username-password scheme in October. A properly secure login system is actually not trivial to achieve and this is why we initially decided to leverage Google sign-in that we know is secure enough.

But even now, if you are working on an agreement and invite other parties to collaborate (using the Notify or Share buttons), they are no longer required to have a Google account.

It is possible for them to simply click on the link in the email and work with the agreement from there. The link will remain valid, so they can go back to the email and re-open the agreement whenever they need to. If they want to make an account, it is now their own personal preference.

If there have been changes to the agreement after a signature was added,

there is a link next to the signature to see the exact changes that have been introduced to the agreement after you last reviewed (and signed) it. Previously the tool simply discarded the signature if there were any changes after the signature was added. According to your feedback, we have changed it.

If you click on the link you will receive a very extensive and transparent audit log of any changes that have been made to the agreement. This possibility has been there since the beginning of the tool as is the cornerstone of the transparency and security that we are after.

You can see exactly which user (identified by their email address, for example [email protected]) made some change to the agreement and what exactly was changed.

It is our belief that total transparency is a good choice for this tool and necessary to promote security and confidence.

In October, we will also add a daily notification if:

The agreement has been changed (and needs to be checked and re-signed).
All 3 signatures are created and the agreement is ready.

We do not want to spam you too much, but this feature will certainly be helpful to keep on top of changes.

We will also look into adding a “lockdown feature” to make it impossible to edit the “Before” part of the agreement after all 3 signatures have been added. For this we kindly reach out for your feedback. Read more.

A new page where you can send your students

The home page of the dream-agreement.eu tool might be confusing to students (the content is meant for IRC-s), so we created a special landing page for them that you can simply give to the students to get the started.

The tool is now more forgiving for partially filled agreements.

Before it was required to add at least the student details for the save to succeed. Now this requirement was lifted. In addition, when navigating away from the page with unsaved changes, you will soon get a warning. We also plan to add an autosave feature to make sure never lose any data.


  • print out the 3 parts (Before, During and After) separately.
    We intend to add this feature in October. It has been requested by several IRC-s.
  • add possibility to choose the institution from a list
    Currently the institution details (including the coordinator contacts, erasmus code etc.) have to be inserted manually. We have started work on compiling an institutions database that can be used by the student to search and select the home and host institution from a dropdown list, greatly reducing the time needed to fill the agreement. Compiling this database is a large amount of work, so please stay tuned for updates.
  • share the agreement in read-only mode.
    We intend to add this feature in October.
  • possibility to add comments/notes to the agreement.
    We intend to add this feature in November.
  • possibility to add file attachments to accompany the agreement.
    We intend to add this feature in November.
  • switch the places for student’s given/family names
    Many students make a mistake there because the order of the fields in the form is not natural.

Lastly, we would like to say that most of these requirements are reactions to your valuable feedback. Please keep it coming! 🙂

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any feedback
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