DreamApply’s Marketing Tools Keep Advancing

Here at DreamApply we tend to be optimists! We have no doubt that universities will continue on their centuries-old quest for expanding the sum total of human knowledge.

But in terms of admissions and marketing, there likely will be a great deal more work to be done than in 2019:

  • We realize that the marketing and communication effort needed to successfully attract, enroll, and receive a new student has gone up considerably. If this does not apply to you, please tell us what you are doing!
  • Marketing costs per successfully enrolled student will go up, driving a need for measuring the efficiency and “bang for the buck” for different activities.
  • Online marketing has never been more important than it is right now.

The success of our customers is central to our work. So, despite already having the best tools for admissions-related marketing, we have gone into overdrive, analyzing the current and upcoming needs of our customers and adding even more tools to address the three points above.

Engage your leads with the best available tools

Following a simple realization that there likely needs to be a lot more communication work in order to successfully attract, enroll, and receive a new student, we integrated DreamApply against Mailchimp, Mailerlite, Sendinblue, and HubSpot. And the list will continue to grow!

This allows you to use the best tools to send your communication, as well as improve cooperation between admission and marketing departments. Admissions can use DreamApply and marketing can use, for example, Mailchimp.

For additional information on this topic you can read more about the Engagement addon or take a look at the rest of DreamApply integrations.

Improved support for Google Ads

Google Ads are useful to a lot of our customers. It has always been possible to link them with DreamApply, but we recently made some quality-of-life improvements to make it even easier.

Also, to help our customers get the best results possible, we wrote a step-by-step guide on how to measure your Google Ads “clicks” up until an applicant enrols.

Advanced marketing analytics

What makes data-oriented marketing so easy in DreamApply is the fact that all of our marketing tools ultimately boil down to one tool – trackers.

A tracker is like a tag or label. It is really simple!

If you collected a lead from a kiosk, it will get a tracker; if you made an online ad, it will get a different tracker. If it is an advisor/agent applicant, they get a tracker too! Same if you imported some leads from Excel – you assign a tracker to those. Referrals – tracker! Bonus code – it’s a tracker! UTM parameters – automatically get a tracker. We can probably stop here.

What this allows you to do is easily compare the performance of totally different types of campaigns – say an agent in India versus an online campaign. And not just clicks – DreamApply will be able to tell you how many applications you received from each source, how many of them were given an offer and even how many of them decided to accept the offer and attend.

But this already existed. What we added recently is an ability to create multi-level groups of those trackers, allowing you to organize all your marketing efforts into neat hierarchies of Category -> Channel -> Activity or whatever other structure makes sense to you!

This means that you can take analytics to a new level and not just compare individual efforts, but easily pit different types of activities against each other.

UTM parameters are now magically supported

If you are doing a lot of online marketing, this one is for you!

UTM parameters are an essential building block for building out your online marketing in a way that allows you to measure your results.

This useful tool may be overlooked due to it being a bit of an “advanced” topic. In DreamApply they are supported automagically, without any effort on your part, so it is only obvious you should take advantage of them.

In short, any UTM parameter added to your ads, links, emails campaigns, and so on – in fact any inbound links – is automatically captured and attributed to leads or applicants.

To learn more, we highly recommend taking a deeper dive into the world of UTM parameters in DreamApply.

More self-service tools for agents

We recognize that many of our customers rely on agents to some extent. DreamApply has an excellent agent self-management portal where they are able to manage all their applications on behalf of the applicant.

To make this process hit the right balance between security and utility, we designed 4 levels of advisor access. This allows our customers to have some agents just look at statistics, while others with a different legal standing have the ability to fully manage their applications.

  • Ability to manage applications, offers, tasks
    This is the highest level of access you can give to the advisor – it will essentially give them the same abilities as the applicants themselves. This includes being able to edit applications, upload documents, change task statuses, accept offers and so on. With this setting, the advisor can also register new applicants.
  • Full read-only access to applications
    This means that the advisor is able to see the application data, including uploaded documents, references and other private data. It also allows the advisor access to documents attached to the offer letters.
  • Limited access
    This means that the advisor is only able to see the applicant basic details (name, photo, region), the courses/programmes that the applicant has applied to and the application statuses. The application’s contents remain inaccessible.
  • Incognito access
    This means that the advisor is only able to see the applicant ID, the courses/programmes that the applicant has applied to and the application statuses. Application contents, nor any applicant personal data is accessible.

Read about the updates to our Agents / Advisors tool.

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