DreamApply partners with Turnitin

Turnitin, the world’s leading provider of feedback, grading, and plagiarism detection solutions, and DreamApply, Europe’s leading student application management system, are joining forces to help admissions officers confidently assess application essays and streamline the admissions process for Higher Education Institutes (HEI), worldwide.

Turnitin has been at the forefront of integrity solutions for over 20 years; its tools are used by over 15,000 institutions in 140 countries. SimCheck, one of Turnitin’s offerings, is an online program that prevents copy and paste plagiarism and collusion by identifying matches to sources in Turnitin’s comprehensive internet database and a shared repository of previously submitted admissions essays, and providing straightforward, easy to understand results. 

DreamApply has been delivering specialised, SaaS solutions for HEIs for almost 10 years. Its success is attributable to close cooperation with partner institutions in designing systems that boost efficiency in the admission process and increases application numbers. DreamApply is serving more than 250 education institutions in 25 countries, worldwide.

“The main goal of our cooperation with Turnitin is to create an integrated application environment for a more flawless process which makes university staff’s lives easier. Our clients do not have to spend many days or even hours detecting misconduct in application documents but can send documents to be checked for plagiarism with one click” says Sten Rinne, DreamApply CEO.

 “The deep integration of SimCheck into the DreamApply platform will promote integrity in the higher education student application process,” says Valerie Schreiner, Turnitin Chief Product Officer. “Creating a culture of academic integrity in higher education must begin during the application process before students even arrive on campus. By combining forces, Turnitin and DreamApply support institutions in assessing the originality of student application essays to ensure the admission of the best-qualified applicants.”

Admission coordinators will be able to identify outliers online in minutes through the integration between Turnitin and DreamApply. The immediacy of the process will boost the institution’s efficiency with the overall application process as well as ensure that institutions are able to provide applicants with timely admissions decisions.


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