Engagement add-on and upcoming improvements to Marketing tools

In current times, with internationalisation of education being heavily influenced by the current COVID-19 crisis, it is ever more important to communicate with both existing and potential future students. Here at DreamApply we are we are committed to fighting the COVID-19 crisis, and we have been thinking hard for potential solutions and how our service could help universities keep on track. 

We have listened to our user feedback to understand which needs our partners have in these times, and we have identified two major areas of development to focus on: 

  • Additional integrations and functionalities to work with existing leads and communicate with them, preferably using bulk e-mail. 
  • Better ways to measure and make the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns visible. 

By now we’ve finished first stage of this development and we’re ready to roll out first set of integrations in the new Engagement add-on. This Engagement add-on includes tools that allow for the creation of mailing lists in the system and the ability to export those lists to either Mailchimp or Mailerlite. This will allow the synchronisation of leads/applicants’ data within DreamApply using campaigns/mailing lists from Mailchimp/Mailerlite. This can be done either manually, using search parameters, or by using the automatic built-in rules engine – for example, if an applicant was accepted to some programme, you may want to set a condition to add them to orientation days mailing list. 

Engagement Add-On

The goal of the add-on is to create additional ways for universities to connect with their students and leads while building a bridge between their marketing and admissions departments. This will allow marketing departments to design and send bulk e-mails to their leads helping improve conversion rates while allowing admissions to build specific funnels to communicate with their potential students.

Upcoming improvements to Marketing tools 

While the Engagement is a new add-on that comes with a separate fee, we’re also hard at work improving our existing marketing tools.  We are building an additional level of marketing analysis functionalities that will allow comparisons to be made across different types of marketing activities. By categorizing activities into channels, sub-channels, activities (or any other suitable hierarchy) it will be possible to, for example, compare the number of registered/applied/submitted applicants across different fairs, online marketing activities et cetera. Additional plans include developing a possibility to add additional parameters to be able to make a more thorough comparison between different marketing channels.  

These updates will be available for free for all our partners already using Marketing add-on and will be rolled out in the upcoming months as we proceed with development. 

Combining both the Marketing and Engagement addons it will be possible for university marketing departments to greatly improve their efficiency while working with their existing leads. For example, it will be possible to group leads so that if a lead has been filtered according to particular criteria it will be automatically forwarded to a specific Mailchimp/Mailerlite list for further communication with the lead. 


How can we try it out? Just drop us an e-mail at hello@staging-web-dcom.dreamapply.dev and we’ll get back to you and arrange a demo and/or trial period.  

What does “add-on” mean?  DreamApply is modular, consisting of the main student application management system and a number of optional add-ons that can be used to add additional functionality, such as scoring system, AI-powered document recognition functionality, etc. Add-ons are larger extra functionalities that can be enabled in DreamApply and, from time to time, we’re developing more of them, in addition to monthly rolling out updates and improvements to the main system as well.

How much is it going to cost?  Please contact us for an individual quote. During these turbulent times we’ll do our best to work with you to find a pricing scheme that meets your individual needs. 

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