Everything you need to know about managing scholarships   

Part 1 – Automate it!  
This is the first article in a series of three dedicated to professionals involved in managing scholarships and grants.  


Following a survey involving 13,000 global workers, Asana, a work management platform, discovered that employees lose 236 hours to inefficient work processes and duplication of efforts annually.  

If you run a scholarship program or are part of the administrative team for one, you know how time-consuming the scholarship and grants application management process can be.  

Every year, more than five million higher education students pursue education opportunities abroad, while educators aim to increase their prestige and position in the competition for global talents. How your organization collects, tracks, reviews, and manages online submissions have a great impact on your strategic goals and a lasting impact on students’ lives.  

Rising to the challenge within the education industry, DreamApply recently launched its Scholarship & Grants solution – an all-in-one system built to streamline the complex process of managing the lifecycle of scholarship and grant applications.  Leveraging technology when managing your programs and reviewing your applicants can bring several advantages for educators but also students.

Benefits from automating your scholarship processes

Customize your application form

Create your form according to your eligibility criteria. Include as many fields and requirements as you need, providing a platform for your applicants to showcase their skills and achievements, and upload documentation or media. 

Budgeting made easy  

Say goodbye to the old spreadsheets as the budget feature enables you to pool your funds to be allocated for all your scholarships and grants within a particular period. With this feature, you and other teams can effortlessly manage the allocation of funds for all the various scholarships and grants offered.   

Review applications fairly 

Guarantee equal opportunities to all by providing a scoring and ranking system that clearly outlines how reviewers should evaluate applications.  

Program the disbursements   

Create a disbursement schedule and deliver funds to recipients according to your budget plan. Determine when the awards are released for payment over a few months or a year-long schedule.   

Help your student succeed  

Help your students succeed in reaching their academic goals, while positively impacting on your student retention strategy through freeing the money concerns of your student.
With a scholarship solution, you can determine and track how much you allocate for different types of expenses like tuition and other education-related expenses like dorm room, furniture, travel, books etc.

“Bulk” and “Tune” it up  

Why carry out manual selection processes that are both stressful and time-consuming when you can select and award the scholarships and grants in bulk? The “bulk award” feature eliminates that workload by managing the awarding of scholarships in bulk while assisting in the allocation of recipients according to equitability determinants such as citizenship, gender, and course type.  

Implementing a scholarship solution is about making your team’s life easier and their work more accurate. Interested? DreamApply Scholarship & Grants is seamlessly integrated into the 
DreamApply Student Admissions Application Management System for effortless communication within the systems. Contact us for a free demo to see how it works at sales@dreamapply.com   

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