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Exchange management

One of the goals of every modern University is to set up a comprehensive and user-friendly system to manage student exchange with minimum administrative effort whilst guaranteeing that applicants are serviced the best possible way.

As shown on the left, an applicant will see all of your partners in the list and can conveniently find and select their home university by typing the name of the university into search (similar to Google search).

Creation of a Study Plan

Creation of a study plan has become easier than ever before for the applicant and it is not possible to make any more mistakes.

In the application form the applicant can see the list of all courses and conveniently select the faculty of interest and tick courses that they would like to take.

Applicants can only select from courses that are available for them. For example – if they are applying for spring semester, they can only choose from courses that are offered in spring.

Also it is easy to update course information. Whenever something changes the administrator can just log into the system, select the course that changed and make the necessary updates. After saving the information becomes available to applicants.

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Managing Partner Institutions

Is managing partners a headache for you? DreamApply has made it easy to manage international partner institutions.

Adding a new partner and contract(s) into the management system is simple. Just click on “Add a new partner”, fill in the gaps, save, and it’s done.

If you need to find a partner, just type a keyword into the search box like in Google (for example “London”) and the system will show you all institutions that match your keywords. No more searching in piles of papers. Ever.

Agreement/cooperations management

Managing agreements with partner institutions is also simple with DreamApply.

Just click on the “Agreements” button next to the partner University name and the system will show you precisely what kind of agreements you have with this partner University. Also it shows the validity period of the agreement. When the agreement is ending the system will highlight it for you. You will also see your contact person(s) next to the agreement to make it convenient to get in touch.

In addition you will be able to conveniently see how many students a cooperation has produced and what the balance of incoming and outgoing students is. University leadership will love this functionality.

Mobility Reporting

Creating reports is extremely easy with our “Tables” tool. Just select the rows you want to see and it will show you exactly what you need to see. Not more, not less. We call this our “magic Excel” table. With two clicks you can download this table into your computer as an Excel file.

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