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Imagine you are an admissions officer, have thousands of admissions essays to check for plagiarism, and lack time or resources. Probably you don’t need to imagine all this, right? This is actually very close to reality. We are totally aware that admissions essay plagiarism is a challenging issue in education sector today and we are here to help you fight against plagiarism by offering yet another digital solution. 

Since 2011, DreamApply has been dedicated to helping universities solve challenges related to the application process and connect with all their potential students. We help universities save 40% of administrative time on the application process. Why not push our clients’ efficiency to the next level? 

In last 8 years, we have found that our clients struggle a lot with admissions essay plagiarism. Both in terms of speed in which they can do it as well as in being able to access the varying sources for similarity check. As two of our core components are to reduce the workload as well as increase the efficiency of administrative tasks through automation, a natural solution was born when we met Turnitin people. 

Turnitin has been at the forefront of integrity solutions for over 20 years; its tools are used by over 15,000 institutions in 140 countries. SimCheck, one of Turnitin’s offerings, is an online program that prevents copy and paste plagiarism and collusion by identifying matches to sources in Turnitin’s comprehensive internet database and a shared repository of previously submitted admissions essays, and providing straightforward, easy to understand results. 


                       How SimCheck will look like in your DreamApply system

Thanks to our cooperation with Turnitin, SimCheck is now available in DreamApply system as an add-on, and our clients can easily identify outliers with one click in minutes. Under the SimCheck tab, admissions coordinators can see all the similarity reports as well as the similarity scores, and can filter them based on different parameters such as admissions period, country of origin, programmes, and so forth.



                                      How a Similarity Report looks like

The immediacy of the process will boost the institution’s efficiency with the overall application process as well as ensure that institutions are able to provide applicants with timely admissions decisions while saving lots of their staff time. 


Sounds interesting. How can we try it out? 

Great! Just drop us an e-mail at hello@staging-web-dcom.dreamapply.dev and we’ll get back to you and arrange a demo. 

What does it mean that the SimCheck is an “add-on”?  

DreamApply is modular, consisting of the main student application management system and a number of optional add-ons that can be used to add additional functionality, such as scoring tool, AI-powered document recognition functionality, video interviews etc. Add-ons are larger extra functionalities that can be enabled in DreamApply and, from time to time, we’re developing more of them, in addition to monthly rolling out updates and improvements to the main system as well.  

How much is it going to cost?  

Cost for SimCheck depends on number of SimChecks done in your system. Contact us at hello@staging-web-dcom.dreamapply.dev for exact quote.

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