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University admission processes are generally quite similar, worldwide. A student fills in an online application and uploads relevant documentation (alternatively, fills in an application form, adds documents, and sends it via post/e-mail). Admissions’ or academic staff checks the documents and, if the student meets set criteria, invites the student to an interview or examination. After passing the interview and/or examination, the student, provided they have paid all relevant fees, is enrolled, arrives to the campus, and starts their life-changing journey as an international student.  

While the process itself is often quite straightforward, there are a lot of technical issues that can potentially hinder a student’s progress. These challenges can offset promising candidates as well as frustrate admission staff, leading to under enrollment and missed educational opportunities. Since 2011, DreamApply has been dedicated to helping universities solve these problems and connect with all their potential students. 

One aspect we’ve focused on to enrich this connectivity are interviews with potential students. Video interviews are widely used by universities to verify a student’s language skills and their academic competency. Often, they can be one of the most time-consuming and complex portions of the admission process to manage. It can be difficult to navigate a variety of factors – availability of student and interviewing staff, quality of the internet connection, technical platform used to conduct interviews, scoring of interviews, and so forth. In essence, the interviewing process is not so much about the evaluation of student, but rather fighting with constant, technical errors and schedules.

Why the focus on Interviews?  The competition for quality students is more competitive than ever before, so universities are under pressure to shorten the admission cycles and issue offers faster all while increasing the number of applicants. A number of universities highlighted the interview stage as a bottleneck which we seek to address. Our goal is to reduce the time to screen and interview each candidate without sacrificing quality control.  

As such, we’re proud to introduce: Video Interviews add-on. 

This powerful tool allows you to either replace your complete interview cycle or add another validation step to your admission process. It allows you to create several, customizable scenarios which students, whom you invite, record themselves answering. Once the student has accepted the invitation, they are brought into the system where they are given a short period of preparation time, during which they can ensure their camera and microphone work. Once they’re comfortable, they can start the interview and the first question in the assigned scenario is displayed. You can customize how many questions there are in a scenario as well as how much time the student has to answer each one (we recommend at least a minute for each question). For example, your first scenario can relate to why a student is interested in your school and can ask related questions (i.e. “Why do you want to attend this university?) and your second scenario can examine a student’s future goals and ask questions in kind (i.e. “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”). The full Interview is limited to a total of 10 minutes.

Once the student has finished answering or allocated time has run out for a question, the video is uploaded to the student’s DreamApply application. After additional, preparation time, the next question is displayed for the student, until all questions have been answered.  Afterwards, the responsible staff can look through the videos at their leisure and accordance with the university’s admissions process – for example, invite them to in-person interview if set criteria is reached or enroll the students right away. 

Sound interesting to you? Let us know if you want to try it out!


Can I use different scenarios for different courses? Yes, you can. You can customize any number of scenarios and they can be course-based, department-based or something else.  

What happens if the student loses connection during the interview? Can they redo? You can configure how many times a student can retry the interview. You can also allow just one attempt if you wish. 

Sounds interesting. How can we try it out? Great! Just drop us an e-mail at hello@staging-web-dcom.dreamapply.dev and we’ll get back to you and arrange a demo and/or trial period.

What does it mean that Interviews are an “add-on”? DreamApply is modular, consisting of the main student application management system and a number of optional add-ons that can be used to add additional functionality, such as scoring system, AI-powered document recognition functionality, etc. Add-ons are larger extra functionalities that can be enabled in DreamApply and, from time to time, we’re developing more of them, in addition to monthly rolling out updates and improvements to the main system as well. 

How much is it going to cost?Pricing will depend on how many interviews you intend to do within the system. Rest assured we work continuously to find more efficient ways to keep prices low for you. Currently, during an initial period, you can subscribe to packages that consist of up to 100, 300, or 700 interviews or a custom plan.

How would 100 interviews package work? Once you’ve decided to start using the Interview’s add-on, we’ll add it to your system. After that you have up to a year to use up to 100 interviews. Unused interviews cannot be carried over to the next year (so for example, if you only do 80 interviews, you cannot carry extra 20 interviews to next year). If you go over the limit of interviews, then additional charges may apply.

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