More Applications, Less Effort


You can fully digitalize your application processes, from creating course catalogues and application forms, to tracking application status, to collecting all documents in one platform and to making applications accessible across your organisation for evaluation.



You can create separate workflows for each team member to suit their tasks and professional needs with personalised checklists. Admissions, marketing and finance teams can work harmoniously in one platform with ease.


You can eliminate repetitive work from your to-do list and save up to 60% of your time by automating them through setting rules and triggers that can take a specific action when a specific condition has been met.



You can continuously streamline individual student journeys in your admissions flow with clear and extensive reporting features, export wizards, and a full-featured dashboard.

Data Protection

You can lay back and enjoy a fully GDPR compliant system coming with all the required cybersecurity standards.


You can connect DreamApply to any system or CRM you are using on your campus by using a fully-featured RESTful API offered by DreamApply. Check our integrations page to see existing integrations and get further information how to build a new one.

Powerful Add-ons

Tailor DreamApply to your organisation’s goals with the help of our add-ons.

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