How Tech Solutions Simplify Student Recruitment

The full version of this article first appeared in The PIE News on July 17 2020.

We had the pleasure of joining the recent PIE Webinar on how tech solutions simplify student recruitment process. It was so great to see so much expertise behind one table. Big thanks to Amy Baker from The PIE, our moderator, and our co-panellists Jessica Winters from Utrecht University, Andrea Garulli from University of Siena and Simone Ravaioli from Digitary.

Linking admissions to marketing departments in terms of data shared within universities is the holy grail in international student recruitment – but not often a reality.

“I firmly believe that we’re in the place in terms of student enrolment in 2020 where we need to be doing a lot more marketing and more communication to keep successful attracting and enrolling and receiving new studentssaid Lauri Elevant, CTO of DreamApply.

At the same time, the costs-per-successful-enrolled student will definitely go up. And that is going to create the need for measuring the actual efficiency and the bang for the buck, so to speak, and not just in terms of clicks, but in terms of actual results.”

“You need about 1,300 applications to go through to get 100 applications”

“We actually went through some statistics across the entire corpus of DreamApply users,” Elevant said. “And we’re seeing that to admit successfully, 100 students on average, across all the systems from various universes with various different backgrounds, processes: apparently, you need about 1300 applications to go through. So that’s one in 13.”

He continued, “That is quite a lot of applications. So you need automation. Otherwise, you would be doing a lot of work.”

Elevant believes in data and systems that link and track the whole fairly complicated process, from marketing to admissions, incorporating requirements around language proficiency, prior attainment and frequent communication with the student.

“What I believe is that there is no handoff from marketing to admissions,” he said. “There is no magical moment where conversion from a lead to an applicant occurs. It’s all the same thing.”

“There is no magical moment where conversion from a lead to an applicant occurs”

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