Stipendium Hungaricum implements DreamApply

We are honoured to announce that Stipendium Hungaricum signed cooperation agreement with DreamApply to establish a modern national scholarship management system on dreamapply.com platform.

See it live:

The new system will be responsible for managing applications for all international students that wish to receive a Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship. The goal of the cooperation is to make Hungarian scholarship programmes internationally more visible and application process more transparent. The project will also show Hungary as a more international student friendly country.

In addition the dreamapply.com platform is expected to make the management of the scholarship programmes more efficient by cutting 60% of administrative time so the staff of Tempus Foundation that is governing the programme would have more time to focus on more serious tasks than managing paperwork. Also making the process more transparent and streamlining it for students is expected to help students better understand what is expected from them, decreasing the need to ask for explanation.

The national scholarship programme in Hungary has been a success. Numbers of candidates have grown rapidly year upon year. More than 25,000 candidates are expected to apply in 2018 and hence Tempus Foundation decided to implement a solution that is specially designed for student admissions management.

Hungary is already the third country that is setting up a national system on dreamapply.com student application management platform. DreamApply has previously been set up for managing scholarships in Lithuania https://apply.scholarships.lt and full degree international students admission system in Estonia https://estonia.dreamapply.com

Equally amazing, for a system of such scale is the timeline. The system is expected to be be ready to serve scholarship applicants in only 5 weeks time, as it is scheduled to be up and running by December 11, 2017.

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