Case Study: Maastricht University

Maastricht Summer School

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The Maastricht Summer School (MSS) was founded in 2012 and offers courses in a variety of fields and disciplines. Most courses are geared towards students at the undergraduate/bachelor level but may also be of interest to graduate/master level students and professionals.

How were things done before DreamApply?

The Summer School has been running since 2017 and, initially, we used a basic application management system to collect the applications. After the first year we already saw that this sort of approach was not suitable for us and that was the reason we started to look for a new system.  

Why did you decide to use DreamApply as your application management system?

We were looking for a system that could do more than our old one and one that would reduce our administrative work. DreamApply perfectly meets our request. We have fewer administrative tasks because we can use the templates in DreamApply and the only thing we have to do is change the status (for example from “accepted” to “paid”) and send the student the payment link. A lot of things happen automatically now and we receive fewer e-mails because it is clear for the student what he/she needs to do. Another good thing is that DreamApply immediately gives us a good overview of the status of the application.

Most importantly for us is the possibility to add and/or change courses, application(intake) and study periods within the DreamApply platform.

How have the results been with DreamApply?

While it’s only been a short time that students have been able to apply through DreamApply, we have noticed that the process of accepting students has sped up. Tools like the automatic rules, letterhead and finance terminals reduce the stress for students and simplify the workload for staff. This was the most important thing for us as we hoped DreamApply would make the procedure easier for students and staff and it has! 

How would you describe DreamApply’s configuration, usability, and support?

DreamApply system was implemented rather quickly and it was simple to learn to use it as well. Whenever we have any questions regarding the system, we get support and responses very quickly.

DreamApply has been very helpful, as it has accelerated the process of accepting students by having the possibility of creating template emails which are sent to students. Furthermore, the system is very clear and well-ordered. We are very positive regarding using DreamApply.

Suzanne van der Laan & Iris Hofman
International Relations Officers
Maastricht Summer School
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