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Marketing Management

At DreamApply we understand that there is a lot of work on the table of the marketing department. Hence we have developed the DreamApply platform to support marketing departments in the following areas:

  1. Collecting leads and making the communication process with them easier
  2. Tracking leads and helping to understand the success of marketing campaigns and Return on Investment (ROI)
  3. Agent management

DreamApply is the only product in field of education where you can track potential candidates from the moment they become interested until they are enrolled at your institution. Measuring results of your marketing activities has never been so precise!

Lead generation

In DreamApply there are several tools which can help you generate and manage leads. Here are some examples :

  • If you organize an event (e.g. Open Doors Days or a seminar) then people register there through DreamApply system. As a result you will have already in the system a full list of everyone and you can start sending marketing messages.
  • You can collect leads at events such as education fairs through our modern mobile app that allows potential students browse and select your offered programs on site on phone or tablet and leave their contacts. Or, if you prefer, you can collect leads on paper or some other way and then import them to DreamApply.
  • And of course, visitors that register on the website to see and start filling the application will be added to the lead list and you can continue working with them.

DreamApply system has the functionality to communicate with each new lead by sending automatic e-mails and SMS depending on your needs and settings.

Unique Marketing Tracking Tool

Too often it is hard to say if one marketing activity and e-mail campaign was successful or not. And if we don’t have the understanding of what is working and what is not, it’s not easy to adjust our activities to be more effective in the campaigns.

Therefore, we have developed a unique tracking tool in DreamApply specially for educational institutions. The goal of the tracking system is to enable marketing staff to see the results of each campaign separately and in this way organize more effective campaigns.

Tracking can be used for offline marketing tracking, agent tracking and also online marketing tracking.

Marketing Campaigns Success Reporting

As a result the marketing tracking tool will create a summary report that shows the outcome of each marketing campaign. This is a an excellent possibility to see precisely how many applicants you got from a specific campaign and how successful the campaign was.

In addition it is possible to see where in the application process a lead is and how active / interested the applicant is.

For example, you could see if the lead has only registered or also submitted an application and if an invoice has been created.

Ready for a Presentation?

Managing Agents: Time and Effort?

How to manage a large number of agents efficiently? How to keep track of applicants coming through agents? Or how is a specific agent actually doing this season?

Quite a few universities have turned to us with these kinds of questions as the topic of agents seems to become more and more important for those striving to have international students from all corners of the world. At the same time it is usually a big a hassle to keep track of all your agents from dozens of target countries and understand what is really going on.

Efficient Agent Management will bring you more students!

1.  Overview of each agent’s results – interested in how many potential applications you have from Germany or would like to know how many people have submitted an application from Turkey through your agent there?

2. Quick feedback to marketing activities – if you have asked your agent to run special campaigns or represent you on a fair, the system shows what the results are so you will know what is working for your university and what isn’t.

3. Compare the agents and motivate them or tackle problems – having a full-time overview of results can help you acknowledge your best partners, organize competitions or compare results of different years.

4. Track applicants easily – have a precise overview of which applicants came from which agent. This also helps you with payments and taking care of that part well will keep your partners happy and motivated!

5. Make the life of your agents easier and more effective – enabling them to access their applicants directly in the admission system so they can easily keep an eye on their applicants and assist them where necessary.

As a result you will have better relationships with your Agents which will grow quality applicant numbers.

In response to the universities’ requests an Agent Management module was built on DreamApply platform to assist higher education institutions in this area. You can find a short introduction video below:

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