Case Study: Modul University Vienna

Modul University Vienna

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Modul University Vienna is a continuously growing English-speaking university founded in 2007. There are about 700 students currently coming from approximately 70 different nations. The university offers business degrees with different specialisations in the fields of sustainability, new media, information management, tourism, hospitality management, real estate and public governance and it is constantly expanding the offer. The university offers study programs from Bachelor level up to PhD, being a private university.

How were the things done before DreamApply was integrated into the recruitment system?

We had our own software and started using DreamApply in February 2012. So, before we had a similar procedure: Filling in the information, uploading documents etc., but it was much less elaborate than the system offered by DreamApply.

Why did you decide to use DreamApply as your application management system?

At that point there were not so many similar service providers on the market, like nowadays, because it has been 8 years now. We were interested to improve our processes. Our own software was programmed in-house and there was lack of resources to bring it to the next level, so we decided to outsource it. Implementing DreamApply was the best option.

Did the system fulfil all expectations that were promised by the DreamApply team?

Yes, they absolutely met. We think DreamApply was already very good in the beginning, but it got even better. We have to say the service that we get from Client Happiness team is excellent and couldn’t be any better. The response rate was just outstanding so if we have a question or an issue, we got a response usually within few hours, even often within 10 minutes. So, the service aspect couldn’t be any better. DreamApply has grown a lot over the years in terms of functionalities. Now it has many tools to offer, however, we do not take advantage of all of them.

How does the system benefit different stakeholders you have, applicants, administration, external examiners? How has DreamApply helped you in your recruitment?

We are a growing university, starting with 60 students around 12 years ago. Every year we have more students than in the previous year. Currently, we have about 700 enrolled students and we are targeting around 1000.

How do you find our Client Happiness team to be doing alongside the system’s general usability?

The usability is good. When it comes to Client Happiness team, if there is anything, then we get everything fixed and clarified as soon as possible.

Would you advise DreamApply to other universities? If yes, why?

We would 100% recommend DreamApply just because it is so elaborate that it already covers so many aspects so universities can offer the applicants a highly professional and user-friendly application process. It was important to us to make the application process convenient and as easy as possible for our applicants. Therefore, we asked for certain additional tools and functionalities, that have been implemented by DreamApply. Those features also have been made accessible for other universities, so we think if any university would join DreamApply now, all required features should be covered.

Dr. Markus Bernhard
Head of Admissions & Services at Modul University Vienna

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