New updates to Advisor tool

We here at DreamApply have long been proud of our marketing features, and those just got even better this summer with an update to our agent management tool.  

In a significant number of countries, international student recruitment is, for the most, partly carried out with the aid of agents. Sometimes hundreds of agents are working to send thousands of students to a single university. It can be a nightmare to keep track of students which come from agents as well as the agents themselves. We understand the complexity of working with agents, so we have included robust agent management functionalities in our Marketing add-on to reduce workload for your staff and bring new insight into your marketing activities. 

Managing agents in DreamApply is easy. You simply create basic account for an agent and assign a label, called a Tracker code, for them.

It is also possible for you to define which access rights the agents have to their applicants’ data. You are able to limit their access rights to just the name of the applicant or grant them full read-only access if you want. 

In addition, agents now have access to a self-service portal, where they have access to information (subject to limitations set by the university) about their applicants.

One major requirement by universities has been to allow agents to fill in the application on behalf of applicants and we are happy to announce that development of this feature has now been finished. Now, agents can manage all their applicants and applications under one dashboard and complete all necessary steps of communication and document management related to the admissions process on behalf of their applicants. 

We hope you enjoy the added features – there will be many more to come in the future.

Do you want to get more information? Contact us! hello@staging-web-dcom.dreamapply.dev

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