System setup

System Setup

We take care of implementing DreamApply to your institution

1. Initial Analysis

2. Suggestions

3. Configuration

4. Testing

5. Staff Training

6. Going Public

Nothing complicated

Setting up an admissions system can sound complicated to your university staff. At first thought you might think you need to involve your IT staff in this process, but with us it is not necessary.

Most of our student admissions systems that we have set up are done entirely without any contact with the university IT staff. Only time we are communicating with the university IT staff is when we are discussing the data integration between DreamApply and your university student information system.

Faster than you think

The DreamApply system is designed to be easy to configure. It is not uncommon that setting up a IT system other than DreamApply can take a whole year and then the staff is still not satisfied. Instead of months and years developing and updating your own or any other system we can have your new innovative and always up to date system up in few weeks. After that you are able to advertise your brand new, user friendly and mobile friendly admissions system to your future students.

We'll support your staff all the way

We understand changing an existing system can be frustrating to your staff. Some of them might feel they are slow in learning new IT systems. That is why we organize training sessions for your staff at your university premises. During the setup and first 3 months after setup your staff can ask as many questions as they desire from our dedicated helpers. We even visit you in your country at least twice a year to check-up how everything has been going with the recruitment and the use of the system.

Ready for a Presentation?

We will do the heavy lifting

Almost everything in our system can be configured in the admin-panel. After the initial analysis with your recruitment staff we start configuring the system. First we modify the look and feel of the new system with pictures of your university, your logo and the color-scheme of the home website of your institution. Secondly we modify the application form according to your needs. Thirdly we import all your study programmes into the system. Fourthly we look at the automatic notifications and tasks the candidates should get during the application period. After that there are other smaller things to do according to what you want: intake periods, documents, automatic invoicing, marketing tools and so on.

We have the experience

We have been helping universities for more than 10 years. By now we have analysed and built more than 130 university admissions systems in 16 different countries. There is no other company in Europe that has more experience and knowhow in building recruitment systems. Every time we built a new admissions system for a university our DreamApply system gets better and better. The best part is that every existing system gets also the new updates – without any extra fees.

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About Us

DreamApply was launched in 2011 and is a specialised international student application management platform. We offer paperless modern solutions to more than 200 education instititutions in 25 countries.

DreamApply is purposefully personalised for all stakeholders involved in higher education internationalisation: students, administrative staff, management, academics, partners, agents and external governmental and non-governmental bodies.

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We are happy that European Commission is supporting our research to develop DreamApply even further.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 836990