What do your prospective students expect from you?

Education for today’s world requires cultural exchange and interaction more than ever before. Therefore, every day, a growing number of students worldwide are becoming interested in applying for the educational opportunities abroad. But this generation is like no other; they have more expectations than studying their ‘dream major’. So how can we catch up with the changing needs of today’s ‘choosy’ international students and develop a modern approach in recruitment starting from application management to alumni services?

The number of students choosing to study abroad has grown 106% since 2001 according to Unesco Institute for Statistics. If we, as professionals working in the higher education recruitment sector, are to sustain and grow the number of international students travelling across the globe in pursuit of studying, and looking for better career options, then we must follow not only marketing trends, but also the social, cultural and financial facts shaping student recruitment life cycle.

Chaos or Opportunity?

The effect of unpredictable events like Brexit, Trump policies or financial instability in developing countries on international student recruitment is far-reaching and global. In addition, more strict government policies related to visa requirements, those concerning financial requirements or post-education work opportunities have started to play a major role in students’ decision-making processes.

According to the survey conducted by StudyPortals, the average cost of education has increased by 15% for international students since 2012. Therefore, it is no surprise that today, the international students have higher expectations when it comes to their educational preferences. As a result, prospect students from all around the world have started to look for better options where they can demand more value for money invested in their education. So how can we manage that?

Make Your Students Satisfied

Basically, it is not only about offering the best quality education or most scholarships anymore but also offering the best customer satisfaction starting from admissions to graduation. Another interesting statistic that StudyPortals survey shows us that paying for education is becoming a norm day by day meaning that it really matters what you really offer in return. Offering great accommodation, highest rate of employment after graduation or competitive tuition fees while offering better quality education… You name it!

What do your international students demand?

Nowadays recruitment is not only about fulfilling quotes or collecting tuition fees but more about ensuring diversification at your university. Because diversification is the main aspect that will be paying off by skills, experience, and resource that international student will bring to your country. But how? Let’s give an ear to your prospective students about what they really demand and generate insights. According to a recent QS International Student Survey, what students really look for are faster, friendlier, easier customer journey, more online programmes, better career counselling, and adequate accommodation options.

When it comes to the recruitment trends, all admission experts agree on one main trend: Anything that’s live; online or offline. Live is cool, real, and honest. May it be Facebook, Instagram or any other tool that would link you with your future students in real time.

Times are changing, so are the expectations of the international students. Listen to their needs, generate insights, and provide them with more than educational opportunities but more than that -from accommodation to social life- to create additional value for your organisation.

We can already hear you saying, “but there is no time nor resource”. As DreamApply, we are ready to make your applicants’ journey to enrolment fast, friendly and easy! Thus, you can focus on creating more value for your prospective students.

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